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It’s a win-win

Welcome to fee-free accounts with competitive interest rates and fantastic personalised service. While your money earns interest for you, we put it to work for others.

Investing with the Catholic Community Fund makes everyone a winner.

We’re here for the long run.

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Anyone can enjoy the benefits of the fund while simultaneously making a difference to the community. Your choice to invest with the fund helps those in our community who need a bit of extra support.


Diocese staff

The Maitland-Newcastle Diocese employs more than 4500 employees working in a variety of roles from support workers in our social services, to talented educators teaching some 19,000 students in 59 Catholic schools and eight early childcare centres.



Parishioners are the bedrock of our church. Your investment in the Catholic Community Fund helps us build pre-school, primary school and secondary school infrastructure that promotes collaborative learning, as well as supporting our pastoral mission and charitable work.



Whatever your goals as a student, you can start saving now. By putting aside a little money each week, our competitive interest rates will magnify your savings and help make your dreams a reality.



As a parent you want the best for your child. A key priority for the Diocese is creating a wonderful educational experience for the 19,000 students enrolled in our 59 schools.